The company's profile

The Terra-Best company is specializing in providing services in the following fields:

Road construction.
Geophysical and geochemical investigations.
Civil engineering .
Expert examination and quality control in construction .

  • We make use of and develop ourselves advanced technologies in design, construction and building inspection.
  • We provide efficient solutions to problems of building and structure foundations, of reinforced concrete and metal structures.
  • We perform in-situ ground tests of all kind, from soil tests to pile tests.
  • Services

    The Terra-Best company provides you with the following services:

    Development of polymer-cement-soil mixtures for road construction and maintenance.
    Design of roads built with polymer additives.
    Production and delivery of polymer additives.
    Inspection of works and quality control in road construction.
    Static and dynamic pile tests.


    The Terra-Best Company personnel are well-experienced in the following fields:

    Road construction.
    Geology, geophysics and geochemistry.
    Engineering geology and civil engineering.
    Physical-chemical technologies.

  • The Terra-Best personnel took part in and realized construction projects in Turkey, Cyprus, Mexico, Ethiopia, Israel, and what should be specially emphasized, in the former USSR countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.